CCK08 Footprint

22 July 2013 ... and here is a response and engagement from Stephen Downes to the research on CCK08, reported in the first IRRODL paper, which elaborates in some detail on how Stephen's four principles or conditions can be understood.

Here is the footprint for CCK08, as it metamorphosed through five footprints, taken as 'snapshots', over the 12 week course.

.... (in progress, to be edited, added to, with comments and links ...)

The footprints, below, are all available in much more detail in the IRRODL paper and in Learning Across Cultures in the SEAD White Papers.

Phases of CCK08

This is the first example we have of five 'footprints' of a course as it 'steps across time'.
The footprints have been created from the point of view of the research cohort data (see the two papers in the Networked Learning Conference, here and here), and are also based on the interpretation of that data by the three participant researchers.

See the Factors and Clusters page, here, for details and a brief explanation of each factor.

Phase 1: Designed footprint; Phase 2: Troll; Phase 3: Interlude; Phase 4: Control; Phase 5: Round-up

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