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This is a rather old example of open networks and co-evolution, between fir trees and fungi, as it happens - it's been going 350 million years so far.

It's a great example of the links between networks, emergence and ecosystems (and footprints). Click on the image for more details....

Open network: Douglas Firs and Micorrhizal Fungi

So, what's emergence?
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Emergence, with examples of Mitra's Hole-in-the-wall, wikipedia, & twitter.

And what's so interesting about it? We can use 'emergence' to

describe learning in the networked world, where surprising, unexpected,

challenging, scary, creative, etc. things happen, and use it to engage and

collaborate on 'emergent learning' (and practice). We developed 3D

footprints to help us do this (click on the image on the right, for details),

with a number of different factors, in four clusters.

(See the Factors and Clusters page, here, for details and a brief

explanation of each factor).

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This animated gif was developed by Matthias Melcher (Feb 2014, using an idea from Mariana Funes) to depict the sort of 3D image we have in mind for Footprints of emergence. See the video on the Drawing Footprints page for an explanation.