Past Events

17th September 2014 - Evaluation of open learning scenarios
A one day conference at FH JOANNEUM, Graz, Austria, led by Jutta Pauschenwein and her team.

24 April 2014 Start - COPE 14 _ Competencies for Global Collaboration MOOC.
Assignment 6.2 Footprints of Emergence

SCoPE Webinars and Discussion Forums: 18th - 30th November 2013
These are open to all, hosted by SCoPE. The webinars discuss Emergent Learning, in broad terms (on the 19th Nov) and present a workshop for drawing footprints (on the 26th November). The discussion forums continue the conversations from the Webinars (see recordings, which will be posted her as they become available).
Please join us ...
  • The recording for the webinar of the 26th (on Drawing Footprints) is available here (click on RECORDING): Tuesday, 26 November 18:00 GMT - RECORDING
  • Preparing for SCoPE Webinar 26th November 2013 - Click on this link to find the documents you will need for this webinar/ workshop on how to use the footprints.
  • The Discussion forum on Emergence (open to all), is available here ...
  • The recording for the webinar of the 19th (and a link to discussions) is available here ...
  • Open SCoPE Webinars on Emergence: 19th and 26th November 2013, 18h00 GMT: logon here ..., and more information here

ALT-C: 6th Nov 2013: Attending the //No way Back MOOCs ...// Seminar, in So'ton on.

ALT-C workshop September 10th 2013

HEA's Digital Pedagogies Unconference June 13th 2013

ELESIG Workshop June 28th 2013