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See the Factors and Clusters page, here, for details and a brief explanation of each factor.

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Applications of Footprints with commentaries

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logo 3..PNG

Nested Narratives 2.JPG
Nested Narratives

Document 777.png
Montessori Preschool

SMC Example

Composite BEtreat.png
BEtreat 1

BETreat 2

ZFHE Workshop Report

2 yr PT PGCE.png
2-yr Part-time PGCE

P1 OG Footprint jpeg.jpg
OldGlobe MOOC Participant 1

P2 OG Footprint jpeg.jpg
OldGlobe MOOC Participant 2


learning in mathemooc during participation.jpg
matheMOOC on iversity

Lisa Lane's POT Designer Footprint

Helen Crump Footprint.png
Exploring Personal Learning Networks: Helen Crump

Applications of Footprints without commentaries

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Footprints drawn at the ELESIG Summer Symposium Workshop (June 2013)
H809 OU Course Rhona Sharpe (2).png
H809 OU Course: Rhona Sharpe


Masters Mentoring & Coaching course.png
Mentoring and Coaching Course

Patsy Clarke M level course for research students.png
A Course for Research Students: Patsy Clarke

Rob Howe SSAS.png
Study Skills Course: Rob Howe

Vicki Dale ELESIG SS.png
ELESIG Workshop: Vicki Dale

Smart School of Cookery.png
A Cookery Course: Malcolm Ryan

David Mathew MSc Psychoanalysis.png
MSc Psychoanalyis. David Mathew

Fred Garnett Wikiquals footprint.png
WikiQuals: learner-centric view. Fred Garnett

Fred Garnett Wikiquals Lab footprint 2.png
WikiQuals: Institution-centric view. Fred Garnett

Lilit Week 6 Cope14 MOOC

Competences for Global Collaboration (cope 15) MOOC footprints

Cope 15 MOOC website