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Roy Williams, Jenny Mackness and Simone Gumtau
are the authors of

Footprints of Emergence

Williams, R., Mackness, J. & Gumtau, S. (2012)
Vol. 13, No. 4. //IRRODL//

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Karabo, the only member, so far, of the genus Australopithecus Sediba, is the latest discovery (12th April, 2013) in a range of 'missing links' which might be able to explain who we are (click on the picture if you want to know more ...)

In the meantime, we do know something about ...

Roy Williams
Roy Williams is interested in research and design (particularly for open learning), affordances, synaesthesia, emergence and complexity theory, knowledge management, narrative, professional development, and cross-disciplinary and cross-modal practices. Read more ...
Roy runs wikis on: Learning Affordances and Knowledge Management , is online at: A discourse is a discourse ... and at: Zen Tracks:; and can be found at: Researchgate, LinkedIn, Slideshare, and Twitter.

Jenny Mackness
Jenny Mackness is an independent education consultant and researcher, based in the UK, who specialises in designing, authoring and facilitating online learning programmes for national and international markets, and researching open online learning. Read more ...
Jenny can be found online at:Jenny Connected LinkedIn Flickr Twitter

Simone Gumtau
Simone is a visual communication designer specialising in interactive media design, and an academic lecturer and researcher. Read more .....
Simone can be found online at:
moohna's musings Twitter LinkedIn ResearchGate

Wiki Members

Tony Cairns
Tony is a teacher of science, genetics, genealogy, technology, art, design and history specializing in science education from preschool to university at the ends of the earth (middle earth, due south of Mordor). Read more ...
Tony can be sampled online at:
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