This is a page for the proposed ALT-C presentation (10-12 Sept 2013, Nottingham) ...

Learning in the Open?


This is the ppt presentation, for the workshop, on Footprints of Emergence, to be held at 15h00 to 16h00 at ALT-C.

For the workshop ...

You should be able to just register for the workshop at ALT-C. We will be running the workshop 'from scratch' as it were, making no assumptions about prior exposure to 'footprints' and/or 'emergence'. We have found (in four previous workshops) that people find it surprisingly easy to just get working on drawing footprints, and learn-by-doing.

So no specific preparation is needed.

However, we are - slowly - adding examples, photographs, graphics, and metaphors from practice elsewhere to try to open up the conversation on how to design, enable, facilitate, curate, manage, reflect on emergent learning (individually and collectively). We need more metaphors, more examples of similar things that people have discovered in their practice elsewhere.

So all donations of metaphors will be gratefully received! Post them direct, or send them to us via email (see homepage).

Note: Please add your own metaphors, examples, comments and queries on the factors that we use in the footprints. This is a collaborative work in progress.