Footprints are an attempt ...

... to describe the dynamics of what happens in the 'new open' learning, from prescribed learning to emergence,

... to get an idea of how learning on the edge can be beautiful ..., and ...

Final copy.png
Blue Sea Impression M.A. Reilly 2014

... to provide rich pictures for conversations about the interaction between learning design and learning experience.

  • Footprints try to capture several snapshots along the way: starting with the design footprint, as it is on day one, followed by footprints of the learning at emerging stages during the learning event.

  • The footprints can be drawn individually, or collectively, and by a range of stakeholders – designers, curators, facilitators, administrators, managers, learners, and researchers. The footprints should differ; they are snapshots taken from different perspectives and positions.

  • Footprints are a different kind of tool, they are palettes, or probes, quite different from the traditional tools of research, or design, even in qualitative research.

  • Emergent learning is learning in which self-organization is encouraged, and in which how learning takes place (the process), as well as what is learnt (the curriculum) is open, emergent, and to some extent unpredictable.

  • So the conversations that follow should help us make sense of what happens in a learning event, not to predict what will happen in the future - although lessons can obviously be learnt. (See Research and Data for more ... )

Metaphorical Footprints

1. Forrest footprints

2. Open Roman footprints