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Innovative bamboo scaffolding
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is a collaborative space for innovative ways to describe, design and construct spaces for emergent learning, and to explore some ideas on 'emergence' more generally too. It now has discussion facilities enabled - for each page. You use the 'double bubble' icon next to 'edit' to get there (you have to sign in as a member to see this icon).

The picture is an example of innovative ways to construct skyscrapers - using bamboo scaffolding. This wiki aims to create innovative scaffolding too - for research and design of learning spaces.

Feel free to add, contribute, comment, post footprints here, or to engage with us at our emails:

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This wiki is shared under a Creative Commons: attribution/non-commercial/share-alike licence. See here ...

Of course we encourage people to help us take this further, e.g. in interactive versions of the template. Please contact us if you would like to discuss details. Any footprints posted on this wiki are posted under the same conditions, but all copyright of footprints posted (particularly for commercial exploitation) is the sole property of the person/s who created and/or posted the footprint/s.

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