Affordances and the new political ecology (2012)
(a chapter in Terrorism and Affordance, Continuum, London, pp. 93-120. ISBN 9781441133816)

Abstract: The theory of affordances has been around for many years, and is the foundation of the growing field of ecological psychology. What makes it more relevant, and more widely relevant today is that the way we perceive, act and interact in the internet society has changed, opened up and become dynamic on a global scale. This paper situates ‘affordances’ within an ecological framework based on complexity theory, and outlines the way in which Gibson sought to put perception ‘back into the world’. ... Affordances are based on self-organisation, and are associated with change, adaptation and innovation. This chapter outlines in some detail how we can distinguish between affordances and uses, and how affordances relate to metaphors, science and, importantly, identity, communities and networks (read more ...)