We are looking for a quote for developing an automated version of a basic prototype of the 'footprints' graphic, which we would like to put out to crowdfunding, to see if we can take 'footprints' to the next level of user friendliness.

Are you able to quote for this, or do you know people who might be able to quote for it?

logo 3..PNG

Basic features:
  • Its (like) a 25-factor radar graph.
  • The user should be able to determine the position of each factor (on a radius), using a simple slider to input data.
    • The slider should be able to be used on a wide range of devices, including mobile phones (the full display might require more space, on an ipad or mini-ipad, but that's not an issue).
  • Each factor is represented by a dot, with an accompanying short label.
  • The dots should be joined by (part of) a curved line, rather than straight lines.
  • The 'footprint' should be displayed on top of a graphic, and the graphic should be able to be changed.
Users currently use a MSWord version, but we need a device-agnostic version. For publication we use an Adobe Illustrator version (which produced the graphic above), and that's the quality we aspire to (or better - it should be continuous shaded colour, not discrete 'bands').

We need this to establish a wider user group, and would like to use crowd-sourcing to get this stage funded.

Please let us know if you, or other people you know, might be able to quote for this work, by editing this page to respond or by email: