The Footprints are drawn using a Palette of Critical Factors.

We invite you to draw your own footprints and upload a copy to the Folder of Footprints page.

There are two ways in which you can draw a footprint. The original method was to use a Scoring Sheet - see 'Drawing Footprints with a Scoring Sheet'.

The most recent method (developed Sept 2013) uses Palette 2 below (see Notes on Palette 1 and 2 for an explanation of the term palette in this context).

You are welcome to copy and print out the Palette, and make copies for your and other people's use - you can adjust the size.

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GIF created by Matthias Melcher to depict the Footprints in 3D

Drawing your own Footprint



This video, Drawing Footprints of Emergence, takes you through the process of drawing your own footprint, using

  • either the diagram of Paper Palette 2, below, which you can copy, paste, right-size (preferably in Landscape format) and print, and use for drawing your footprint,
  • or by using the interactive document in MSWord which you can download from here: Palette 2 Word version.docx, and use to produce an electronic version of your footprint, of the type seen in Applications of Footprints.

You can then share that with others, and it would be great if you would share it on this wiki too - and you can use the Footprints commentary template to add some detail - if you wish. (You can of course use any other format to comment and add detail to your footprints).

Mapping Sheet for Drawing the Footprints

Whether you use the Paper Palette, or the interactive Palette 2 Word version, you will need to use the Mapping Sheet to see how the details of how the factors range across the different zones - prescriptive, emergent and edge of chaos.

You might (or might not) want to fill in your own comments in the blank right hand column as you work through the factors. These comments are helpful for interpreting the footprints.

If you want to see some (real) examples of comments, have a look at 3.0.1 Mapping Sheet with 'my comments' already filled in:

Paper Palette 2 for Drawing the Footprints

Copy and print out, and then mark-up the diagram below. This can be done individually or with a group, with reference to the critical factors. (Alternatively, open this copy of the document, it might give you clearer diagram:

Palette 2.0.1.png
Palette 2.0.1.png

Further information about drawing the footprints